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Hill & Jordan Case Results

At Hill & Jordan, we fight for you to get you the benefits or settlement you deserve. From car wrecks to Social Security Disability to Workers’ Compensation and much more, we want to help you. Here are some of our recent case results and judgments in our clients' favors.


$150,000 Assault

We obtained a judgment after filing a lawsuit in an assault case where we were able to prove that the defendant wrongfully assaulted our client by striking him in the face with the butt end of a handgun.

Car Wrecks

$3,800,000 Car Wreck/Defendant Driving Impaired

Our clients suffered serious injury following a wreck in Geneva County, Alabama. The Defendant was not charged with any crimes at the scene. However, our investigation revealed that Defendant was under the influence of both alcohol and medications. After a week-long jury trial, the trial returned a $3.8 million dollar verdict, which included punitive damages.

$1,000,000 Car/Motorcycle Wreck

Our client suffered serious lower extremity injuries following a wreck while on a motorcycle. Our investigation revealed that the other driver had borrowed his employer's personal vehicle and that he was talking on a cell phone, which resulted in the wreck

$700,000 Car Wreck

Our client was a medical provider employed in Decatur, Alabama, who was injured by a commercial vehicle as she returned to work. Suffering from significant orthopedic injuries, we ultimately recovered an amount over six times her medical bills.

$300,000 Car Wreck

Our client was struck by a street sweeper, which made an improper turn in front of our client. We were able to settle this claim very quickly based on the evidence produced following our initial investigation.

$300,000 Car Wreck

Our client was involved in a significant crash on Highway 72 in Madison County, Alabama, when another driver, in a rush to meet friends for an after-work party, ran through a stop light. The defense in this case argued that our client was under the influence of medications, and was the cause of the wreck. Through medical testimony, we proved that our client's medicine had no impact on his ability to drive, and that the other driver was indeed liable.

$250,000 Car Wreck/Guest Passenger

Our client was involved in a serious one-car accident, wherein he was the passenger. We were able to prove that the driver had been driving at an unsafe speed prior to the wreck, and recover the limits of all insurance policies at stake.

$175,000 Car Wreck/Drunk Driver/Auto Accident

Our client was struck head on by a drunk driver on Wall Triana Highway in Madison, Alabama, by a drunk, illegal alien. Our client suffered a fracture to her heel, and we filed a lawsuit against her own insurance carrier (her uninsured motorist coverage) who refused to pay initially. Ultimately, they paid the full extent of applicable insurance policies.

$87,000 Car Wreck

Our client suffered a neck injury in a Mississippi car wreck. Following our investigation and evaluation of the claim, we forced the insurance company to pay limits of all applicable policies.

$95,000 Car Wreck

Our client was involved in an accident in Limestone County, Alabama, and sustained lacerations to her face. Following treating by a plastic surgeon to correct the scar, we resolved her case for an amount in excess of seven times her medicals bills.

$100,000 Car Wreck/Drunk Driver

Our client was injured on Carl T. Jones Drive by a drunk driver who, we were able to prove, had ingested wine and sedatives prior to entering her car. Following litigation of the matter, it was resolved for $100,000.00.

$90,000 Car Wreck

Following a two-day trial in Florence, Alabama, we obtained a verdict where the defense attorney argued that our client had incurred no injuries in the accident, and that all of her medicals were related to pre-existing conditions. We overcame this defense and obtained a jury verdict.

$80,000 Car Wreck

Our client suffered injury to her shoulder in an auto accident on Highway 53 in Madison County, as the result of a driver who failed to yield the right of way. After thorough use of accident reconstruction experts and private investigators, we obtained all available insurance monies applicable to the claim.

$120,000 Car Wreck

Our client was a passenger in a car driven by a friend. The driver lost control of the car, resulting in a single-car accident. The insurance carrier said they would "not pay a penny" in the case because of Alabama's Guest Passenger Statute, which precludes a claim of a passenger against his driver, in cases of negligence. We were able to conduct an investigation which produced the evidence necessary to show that the Guest Passenger statute did not apply. Allstate Insurance Company thereafter paid the full policy limits under the insurance policy.

$82,500 Car Wreck

Our client recovered the maximum amount available under all applicable insurance policies following an accident in rural Madison County. Other portions of her case remain open for further litigation and possible recoveries.


Confidential settlement amount. Defamation.

Our client was employed in a sensitive government position with Security Clearance. His ex-wife's boyfriend made false and defamatory remarks about him that negatively affected his ability to progress in his government employment. After filing suit and taking depositions, proving the falsity of the defamatory remarks, a retraction was made by the defendant and a confidential monetary payment obtained.

Long Term Disability Insurance

$155,000 Long-Term Disability Insurance.

Our client was denied Long-Term Disability coverage, following several surgeries for breast cancer. After threatening to litigate the matter in federal court, the insurance carrier paid her a lump sum amount, representing payments she would have received up until age 65.

Confidential Settlement Amount. Long-Term Disability Insurance.

Our client was denied Long-Term Disability coverage, following several back surgeries. Despite overwhelming evidence of disability, the private insurance carrier stated that we could not prove disability under the federal law ERISA. After having our client treated by credible physicians, and obtaining a vocational assessment by a vocational physician, we forced the insurance carrier to pay all benefits she would have been due until age 65, in a present value, lump sum payment.

Nursing Home

Confidential Settlement Amount. Nursing Home.

Our elderly client suffered multiple falls at a nursing home, where she had been previously determined at high risk for falls. We filed suit and the case resolved after depositions were taken of the nurses involved, the nursing home administrator, and the nursing home director.

Pedestrian Injury

$65,000 Pedestrian Accident

Our client was a teacher at North Alabama College, and was struck by a student driver in the parking lot, sustaining soft tissue injury to her leg. Despite the fact that our client had very limited medical bills, the case resolved for an amount equal to the maximum policy limits.

Personal Injury

$30,000 Personal Injury (soda can explosion)

A frozen soda was deposited out of a vending machine. As our client picked it up, it exploded in her face, causing injury. We threatened lawsuit against the vending company, and they paid an amount in excess of ten times our client's medical bills.

Premises Liability

$125,000 Premises Liability

A large chain grocery store on Highway 72 in Madison, Alabama, allowed its sidewalks to exist in a hazardous condition, causing our client to suffer a fall, resulting in shoulder injuries. The case was resolved without litigation after we proved through investigation that the owner had prior notice of the dangerous condition of the sidewalk.

Social Security Disability

$1,000,000 Social Security Disability

Our Social Security clients recovered over $1,000,000.00, in back benefits as a result of our handling their SSI and SSD cases.

Uninsured Motorist Claim

$60,000 Uninsured Motorist Claim

Our client was run off the roadway by a driver who left the scene of the accident. Our client's uninsured motorist coverage refused to pay: first because there was no contact between the two vehicles; and second, because they asserted that our client's pre-existing medical illnesses contributed to the accident. After filing suit, we presented such overwhelming evidence in favor of our client that the Circuit Court Judge entered a judgment in our favor, as to liability, prior to submitting the case to a jury. The insurance company thereafter promptly paid the policy limits.

Workers’ Compensation

$110,000 Workers’ Compensation

Our client suffered a lower back injury, and following initiation of a lawsuit, the employer agreed to pay the six figure amount.

$85,000 Workers’ Compensation

Our client resolved his workers’ compensation claim for his back injury for $85,000. In addition, we fashioned a settlement that allowed the worker to also obtain his full retirement benefits, with no offset for his compensation benefits.

$90,000 Workers’ Compensation

Our client was injured on-the-job as a truck driver while unloading his truck at an out of state facility. He suffered injury to his left knee which required surgery with an orthopedic injury. At mediation, the defense attorney argued his case was worth only $15,000 based upon Alabama's Workers’ Compensation Law, which limits recovery for injuries to a workers’ extremities. We overcame that defense, and resolved the claim for six times the value assigned to the claim by the insurance company.

$151,000 Workers’ Compensation

A maintenance man for a large corporation suffered a herniated disc in his neck. After filing suit, plaintiff's claims settled at mediation.

$340,000 Workers’ Compensation

Our client worked as a trained technician for an auto manufacturer. After suffering a neck injury, we were able to resolve his on-the-job injury for a lump sum payment of $340,000.

Wrongful Death

Confidential Settlement Amount. Wrongful Death.

Our client's family member was killed in an automobile wreck when he was struck, head on, by an unlicensed and uninsured driver. A lawsuit was filed and we discovered that the driver was driving a vehicle owned by her employer with the permission of the employer. We filed suit against the owner of the vehicle and the employer, and thereafter obtained a confidential settlement amount.

Confidential Settlement Amount. Wrongful Death.

The child of our client was a passenger of a driver who was speeding recklessly, and lost control of his vehicle. In the ensuing wreck, our client’s child was killed. We overcame the Guest Passenger defense asserted by the insurance company and obtained a confidential settlement.

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